Rechargeable Ecigarettes Are Developing Quickly

It looks like everyone is starting to make the switch to rechargeable ecigarettes.  Even people that normally do not smoke are starting to try rechargeable ecigarettes.  It’s becoming a trendy habit.

Most smokers that are using ecigarettes are trying to help themselves live a healthier life than what they were previously living smoking tobacco cigarettes.  A nicotine addiction is not something most smokers would wish on someone else.  So I’m sure the rise in e-cigarette use among normally non-smokers is a concern.

Since the new rechargeable ecigarettes are delivering stronger nicotine puffs, people who innocently just wanted to try a few puffs off a friends, are now finding themselves purchasing there own ecig device.  With all the different flavor cartridges and fluids available, there is much to choose from and something to satisfy almost every nicotine craving.

So be careful when choosing to experiment with e-cigarettes, they could just snag you into the world of nicotine addiction.

I want to quit smoking, can an e cig help me?

E cigs are great if you are trying to stop smoking.  It is a great way to start cutting back and taking your first steps towards quitting. If you want to quit and have been un successful try using an ecig. There are a lot of benefits to this method you may find helpful.

An e cig is a battery in a shape of cigarette that screws onto a nicotine filter that contains nicotine liquid.  In between is a electric coil wick that is heated by the batteries electric when you inhale.  The the coil vaporizes the liquid nicotine and you get a puff of smoke just like a real e cig.

E cig parts

E cig components

There are a lot of advantages, like you ash trays and you don’t have to worry about that smokey smell.  Your clothes wont smell nor your hands or hair.  Especially if you like smoking in your car there wont be a stale smoke smell when you get in your car later.

You also don’t get the tar in your lungs like regular cigarettes.  So even if you ahv astressful day and smoke a lot you wont wake up with your lungs feeling the effect.  YOu won’t hav to step outside in the rain or the snow either.  Or if you live in a better climate enjoy your e cig on the beach where they have banned smoking.  I have even used this as an alternative while on a long plane ride, I just went into the bathroom.  Another big one for me is if you get sick in the winter, you can keep smoking an e cig and it wont cause your lungs to be more infected like a regular cig.

Especially if you are an office worker you can just puff it at your desk, some people may look at your funny but jsut keep it discrete.

The best part for me is you can still enjoy smoking and get the experience while avoiding all the negative effects of smoking.  Not to mention it is much cheaper. Cigarette tax is getting more and more expensive.

What Are E-Cigs

You may be wondering what E-Cigs are.

Electronic Cigarettes otherwise known as personal vaporizers are nicotine inhalation tools that work by heating up nicotine with electricity instead of combustion like a regular cigarette. E-Cigarettes come in many different models and the nicotine oil and cartridges come in many different flavors.

E-cigs are made up of several different parts.There are batteries and things that connect to the batteries and hold the e-liquid. The batteries of the better models are rechargeable and can have a very good life to them giving enough charge to simulate smoking an entire pack of regular cigarettes.